One of the unique aspects of having Muay Thai Supplies as your supplier, is that you have that rare capability of applying your club or organisation logo to the waistband of our shorts, sports shirts and on our 4.5m non-fade wraps - at very small additional  cost and with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just

20 pieces. 

Our silk finished logos are initially embroidered onto badges using the highest quality, non-fade threads & dyes and once complete, our skilled seamstresses and seamsters apply the badge to the item of your choice.
Club and organisation logos come in an extensive range of sizes and colours and to list all of the options would be potentially confusing.
We therefore kindly ask you to simply get in touch and let us know the size, shape, the number of colours, the item to which you would like the logo to be applied , as well as the number of pieces you are interested in purchasing - and we will do the rest and let you know what this great value-for-money on-cost will be.
An estimate of such costs are below.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of embroidered logos that we have been involved in.

For a small additional cost, please get in touch with us directly.

For a approx. cost of applying your logo to your accessory, please refer to the table below

Your club or organisation logo can be applied to any item of Muay Thai shorts, shirts or wraps you can find on our website. We can even personalise the item with your own name or nickname.
your club
logo here
your club logo here
your club logo here

Important Customer Notices:

1. Please note that a one-off embroidery block set up charge of THB 500 (£13) for less that 50 pieces will be applied to the order.

2. This set up charge will be reimbursed once a client reaches the above quantity. The set up fee is waived in the event that the total order exceed £250.00. 

3. Combinations of shorts, shirts and wraps contribute to the total value of any single order, for example 3 pairs of shorts (any size), 5 shirts (any size) and 10 pairs of 4.5m length wraps. 

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