Professional Curved Kick Pads (price per pair) - MTCKP/PL/01

Professional Curved Kick Pads (price per pair) - MTCKP/PL/01


These high quality curved kick pads pads are made of pure leather and are extremely durable. Tested by one of the UKs leading clubs over a lengthy period, they have proven to be both tough comfortable for both trainer and fighter. They hand holds are constructed from a hard inner core, covered with tough padded velco fastening staps and firmly connected in place are securely fastened to the main body. Made from durable, high quality pure leather, they offer the correct sized target size with excellent comfort and protection at highly affordable prices.   

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Although our products are sent out in the knowledge that they are always in perfect condition, we offer a 14-day replacement, on condition that the goods are sent back to us in the same packaging in which they were delivered return postage paid.

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