"Bangchamek" Style Muay Thai Sublimation Printed Shorts

"Bangchamek" Style Muay Thai Sublimation Printed Shorts

SKU: MTSH/OEM/Bangchamek

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) allows our clients to apply their own design and produce a garment or accessory that is exactly in line to their own specification.

Sublimation printing requires high-tech equipment and skilled printers and is applies to extremely high quality satin/polyester fabrics.

Simply think of it as tattooing the textile, where the high pressure ink-containing steam is applied to the surface and where the process involves taking the solid ink medium and converts it into gas, without going through the "liquid stage".

The soft and comfortable end product is both wash and fade proof and results in a strong and durable end item, that will stand the test of time.

  • OEM designs

    Please note that OEM - by definition - is a brand belongs to a company and due to copyright regulations cannot be copied or duplicated without the express and written approval of the copyright owners.

    We can of course take your own designs and apply them to the fabric and by simply supplying us with layouts and high definition artwork, we will do the rest.

    OEM is on application only and a pre-production sample is available at £250 per project. This some will be reimibursed with the first order as long at the first orders is for the minimum quantities specified on our website.

  • MOQ - 50 pairs

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